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Don't listen to those who don't want anything that helps get people our age to work


Don't listen to those who don't want anything that helps get people our age to work

I am glad the petition count has reached 52 signatures.  There is a sad thing on one reason why it's not gaining more signatures.  Kaldi's Coffee's corporate management really doesn't want any of us to work for them at any of their cafes.  The reason I created the petition about the South County Connector is to make sure places like Kaldi's Coffee house doesn't get their wish when they want only young people.  Signing that petition about the South County Connector would ruin it for the Fortune 500 world and it would ruin it for Kaldi's hiring managers (those who hire to work at the cafes).  How that would happen, that after the bus pulls up out of Oakville on Lemay Ferry Road, and come across Meramec Bottom Road/Baumgartner Road, it would be approaching several residential areas on both sides of the street.  Along Lemay Ferry Road, it's residential areas clear all the way up from Meramec Bottom Road up to Lindbergh.  Once he makes his left turn onto Butler Hill Road to stop at the grocery store, the doors would be on a residential side of Butler Hill Road and it would be nudging the suburb of Concord, Missouri.  Residents of Concord, Missouri could be walking over to the store to catch the bus.  For those who want to work at a hotel like in housekeeping, this bus would be serving nine hotels along the route. So when it comes to the petition aimed at Metro to create MetroBus route number 7 South County Connector, don't listen to the clowns that don't want you to sign it.  This route is an opportunity opener.

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