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Becoming a driver for Metro is a win-win move for seniors


Becoming a driver for Metro is a win-win move for seniors

Anyone who wants to help Metro out, maybe it's time we flood their website with resumes that look very modern.  Our talent is the only way to keep the existing routes open.  And if they stay open, this could mean more service to get coffee, etc.  Via uses minivans.  And some of them are the very same brand that we privately own such as the Chrysler Pacifica, or some that are built by Toyota.  And if they buy these over-the-road type buses, would you be willing to drive one?  Metro needs security officers that won't take any nonsense from the troublemakers that ride the MetroLink.  If you are a bus driver, you have the authority to make the troublemakers get off the bus.  I saw a Facts Verse video where some passengers that were able-bodied, sitting in the priority seating area, and when the bus stopped to pick up a wheelchair passenger, the other passengers sitting that area refused to move. The bus driver has had enough and told them to get off the bus and then the wheelchair passenger and the wheelchair passenger's friend was able to board.  Here is the link: and just flood it with resumes for wanting to be a bus driver, Call-a-Ride van operator, or Via van driver.

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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