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Re: Age Discrimination in Job Search and the Workplace

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Hi Veronica,


100 jobs per month! Time to restructure your resume and make a solid plan for applying. With experience, it is always the best to really focus in on the jobs you want and make sure your resume resonates perfectly. Age, I don't see as a factor, and neither do my clients (they also all have a 100% success rate in getting interviews with my resumes.)


It really comes down to pinpointing exactly what recruiters are looking for. From what you have posted, there is missing piunctuation, tenses are missing- it also does not appear that you have a summary, and probably the resume is simply not set up to garner interest. It also does not appear to have the right keywords/phrases needes for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) - those pesky ways that computers make sure you are the right candidate before a human reads your resume. Also, when applying so rapidly, and maybe even within the same medical system, company, or ATS... Your resume would be redflagged as something that may not show you are being an eager candidate that is passionate for a position- but rather just a job. Recruiters are looking for that something special. So even just a very focused resume for each position could help- or atleast you should applying with a purpose.


If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them for you.




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Re: Age Discrimination in Job Search and the Workplace

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Sound pretty typical.  Get rid of your most productive worker because they are getting old.  The smart and competent manager would keep you doing what you did best until you don't anymore. 

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Re: Age Discrimination in Job Search and the Workplace

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Seniors are old school. Some don’t like this modern technology. Some don’t like the new system. If some old geezer as someone put on the persons name died of a heart attack, maybe part of the reason is the system.

im struggling because I believed someone and now that someone will have to answer for his lies.

the person what he felt was right! He was being honest!

it seems the new school as we observe more and more everyday now doesn’t believe in honesty and some of the seniors we have in the political mainstream just don’t seem to care!

I worked for a company that not only used my age against me countlessly, but also controlled when I could eat or text or have any kind of freedom!

I went from being their top salesperson in automotive battery sales to being a lot attendant because I was getting old!

there are a lot of seniors out there not working because of the system!

they don’t act old but they become old! You hear it all the time! 

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Re: Age Discrimination in Job Search and the Workplace

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I keep my promises...


Before I give you a piece of a resume I need to explain why I get so out of shape.  I know quite a few seniors who looked for work none that I know were very successful.  Out of about 20 I am th only one that got a real job even though it might have been a temp job. A few I know most of the details.  Seniors do tend to get set into their ways but they are oblivious to the obvious.  It is hard enough to get a job as a senior but if you sabotoge your job hunting you will ever get another job.  I read 2 resume's that had a contact email ending in  If you read 25 articles on key worrd for resues at least 20 will tell you it will never get by prescreeing so a human will never read your resume.  One had a job that he started in 1965.  That means he had to be over 67 years old.  25 out of 25 articles will tell you never have anything in your resume that will indicate you are even 60.  The old fool refused to remove the two short circuts even after years with no success.  His house was under forclosure but he lucked out and died of a heart attack so his family didn't lose the house. That is what I mean by a dinosaur.  They give the rest of us a terrible name!


This is only ment as a clue you will need to craft something that will work for you. 


I don't care if anyone respcts me I see this as a pay back and an honest attempt to reduce some misery. I have been there and done that and it was terrible!


Career Summary

(Why should they read further) Extremely motivated and results-driven programmer/analyst with exceptional leadership skills and an extensive background in the following competencies:

  • Software Development, Database Management and Application Enhancements
  • 10 year or more of PowerBuilder Versions 5-12.5, PL/SQL Oracle 7 – 11, Clipper all versions
  • Java, ColdFusion, PHP, MySQL, XML, Appeon, .NET (2005-2010), SharePoint, SQL Server Reporting Services, Remedy, Fortify, Dreamweaver, Ajax T-SQL for 2005 database all less than 1 yr
  • Many years using Crystal Reports and SQL tools like SQL Navigator, Erwin and Toad

(If they like what the see they will continue to read on)

  • Career High points
  • Award for Excellence from the Vice President of the East Coast Division of EG&G
  • Commendation from Deputy Director of Information Resource Management at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for exemplary efforts in evaluating calendar systems for 5,000 users
  • Recognition from the project manager of the CBSI contract with EPA for saving his contract twice


  • B.A. in Biology, Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA
  • Training 
  • Introduction to Power Builder - course held at CBSI Headquarters
  • Courses in dBase III+, Basic, C, Pascal and , PHP, PL/SQL, Montgomery College, Rockville, MD
  • Numerous Clipper, Netware and management courses/seminars
  • Unix-based Spectrometer (FTIR) Usage Course, Perkin-Elmer Corporation, Ridgefield, CT


Analysis                       Re-engineering, Requirements Analysis, System Analysis, Application Design, Documentation, Test plans

Quality Assurance        Unit testing, Writing Test plans, Integration Testing, Data Quality Assurance

Helpdesk Services       Provides information and assistance resource that troubleshoots problems with software, OS and network


(Above is my skills inventory and why they might want to hire me below is my work experiance.  It is mostly where and how used my skills.  I start with a brief description of the process.  Other than skills, having worked at a simelar operation usually makes it easier for the canidate to succeed.  During the interview they often latch on to a specific job for detailed questions.  I assume their environment is simelar to that position and they are learning if you are right for the job.  During the initial review they will be able to scan for skill(s) they require they saw in the top half  and see if you fit.  This format makes it easy to see exactly who you are.  How you describe the job will provide insite as to how you think ande what you think is important.  The beauty of the resume is even though it is way too long if you have the right bait at the top they will read it.  It is easier to extract what they want from this well organized resume than from something cramped that really can't be scanned.  Those persons don't understand what the reviewers are trying to do while I do. That is all part of getting the interview!) 



(Title) Senior PowerBuilder Programmer/Analyst

Job details line 1

Job details line 2

  • The project: CO-OPS is responsible for maintaining a network of automated sensors that track weather and ocean changes. CO-OPS combined multiple databases designed before 1990 into redesigned database to improve efficiency and data integrity. The backend was a 260 table Sybase ASE 15.7 database and the front end was PowerBuilder 12.5. Was part of a team of 5 which modified the old code to use the new database.



  • Review the code, plan the modifications to use the new table structures and identify buggy code.



  • Performed the code modifications


Quality Assurance:

  • Responsible for unit testing and integration test plan
  • Assisted users performing the integration tests and user acceptance testing
  • Remediated user complaints

 (Never forget you are trying to sell, sell, sell!  Good luck!  The hardest sentance is the first where you are trying yo convince them that you are what they want.  I don't think I did the best job there.  The unusual format creates enough interest so my one-liner can be a bit weak.  Make sure to add the key words where they are needed.  You get points for each occurance so don't scrimp!  If you add your key words when appropriat, the longer resume gives you an unfair advantage during the most brutal phase of the weeding out process. )

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Re: Age Discrimination in Job Search and the Workplace

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@JosetteM691141, you were very lucky you got your warning early.  This has ALWAYS been the way of the world and it has only gottem much worse. It was always rare for an unattractive women to get promoted.  What ever you do, you need to be able to impress to even keep your job.  Articulate, attractive persons have an easier time doing that. In education your race, age and what you look like is more important than teaching skills.  No wonder over 70% of HS graduates don't read welll enough to get into the army. Our education is run by fools.  College grads test at about the level of graduates from 3rd world colleges. SAT scores have been going down evey year since about 1970.  They changed the tests instead of fixing the problem.


You may still be able to make it but the cards are stacked against you in any area, since you are an AARP member. Just read all the horror stories. 


I tried fighting back for age discrimination but realized that was just spitting into the wind and a waste of effort.

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Re: Age Discrimination in Job Search and the Workplace

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JosetteM691141, it certainly is NOT acceptable to perpetuate this attitude.  Unfortunately, however, certain industries are especially known for their "youth is good and age is bad" attitude and journalism, particularly on-camera journalism is one of them. Hopefully, you prove them wrong.  Thank you for sharing your stories with us and best wishes for a long and successful journalism career.

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Re: Age Discrimination in Job Search and the Workplace

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I was laid off from my job with 21 years experience and no write ups on a Friday.  On Monday my job was replaced by a younger person with much less experience and less pay.  

However, the issue I came here to talk about is my current situation that stemed from that lay off.  I am an older student in journalism going back to school after changing careers.  I really want to write.  Today in class my instructor, a reporter, said we will first be hired on age, looks, body shape, hair color - before talent.  I'm not interested in being on mainstream TV.  I was particularly disappointed with her comments because she seems to be a proponent of women's issues in the news lately.  Should journalism programs only accept young, attractive, slender students?  I understand she was trying to give us the harsh reality but is this acceptable to perpetrate this attitude?

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Re: Age Discrimination in Job Search and the Workplace

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@LogicsHere, to understand me you need to know I survived job hunting at one of the worst job markets in US history 2008-2010. I don't know any survivor of that nightmare who wasn't deeply scarred. Unemployement at that time ran from 14.4 to 14.7%.  15% is a depression. After we found a job we still worked on our network contacts and continued to to build a war chest for the next time we were out of work.  We never went back to normal after landing that job.   My list of possible questions they may ask me at an interview is over 40 pages.  I have 5 pages of what I might ask them during the interview. These are updated before my car leaves the parking lot after the interview.  I have hundreds of articles on resume writting and may still have good resume examples.    


I start reviewing my war chest about a month before my contract is to end.  The last thing I do it update and review my resume.  Too many times I see something I correct on something not touched in 5 years.


My experiance been that the openings all have way more applicants than be processed.  They routhlessly liminate as many as they can with as little work as they can.  They change the rules for what is in and what is out regulary just to get rid of applicants more easily. I suspect they lose some of their best applicants this way but who is to know. 


I knew a manager who had too many jobs listed on his resume.  His first job listed indecated he was over 65.  You are told not to list such a job.  You don't want anyone to figure you are over 60 from your resume and under 50 is maybe better.  Sometimes you keep a job because you got an award. What to keep is not an exact science. 


The manager's last job handled a 5 million dollar a year contract.  That is a huge deal and indicates he is very competent.  Still,who in the world would want to interview someone so foolish as to flaunt that he is over the hill to run a 5 million dollar a year contract?  No one in 4 years.  I content is wasn't the age but the lack of wisdom and commensense that killed him.  Worst of all I spotted that out in his first 6 months and he was too bull headed to even experiment leaving it out. He was living proof that some of us can't function adiquatly once we are that old.


If your sister's resume indicates she is over the hill she needs to fix that. She needs to revew all the dos and do nots for resume writting. The list is large.


I have lied and got the job and never been called on it.  They knew exactly how old I was when they hired me.  The age thing was just a screening process.  The only smart thing to do was lie to get their foot in the door.  After that I am honest.  I was never even asked why I lied. They pretend like that never happened.  Now I happen to be excellent at my job.  I don't know what would have happened if I wasn't so good.


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Re: Age Discrimination in Job Search and the Workplace

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@LogicsHere, If I don't post something of a resume tutorial ding me in 2-3 days.  I have to jump through a few hoops and I can easily forget.  The only resume I have here at work is a corportate resume.  They are not supposed to 'sell' any team member.


I have tried to get my son to write one for his resume for years and he still doesn't have one because of the difficulty  I doubt he understands the business he is in well enough to write such a statment.


If you are sending out 50 resumes a month and don't get any replies your resume sucks!  When my resume sucked, I defended it tooth and nail so I know both sides of the argument.  To move forward you will need a better one. 

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Re: Age Discrimination in Job Search and the Workplace

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@LogicsHere , if you think I am too condescending, try reading my posts before I was very politely told I was full of crap and instead use tactics that never worked for me instead of ones that do work.  I wasn't  condescending at all before that.   


By telling the truth or omitting the truth disqualifies you instantly. They want to discard 90+% of the canidates for what ever reason anyway.  How is that a smart idea? If you get fired for lying you get to go before a labor board. You can't collect unemployment in my state until your case was reviewed if you were not laid off.  By telling the truth you get nothing the worst case senario is you get 6 months of unemployment after working a few months.  To me the labor board is a win win situation. Either way you have much more than you had by following the rules. The most likely result is you will get rehired and the employeer fined for breaking the law. It is up to the employeer to prove they were in the right while the employee doesn't really need to prove much they are innocent until proven guilty.  I have been in business for almost 50 years.  It amazes me how ignorant companies are about the law.  They rairly know they are breaking the law when they do. My formost study for my first 20 years was learning what you could and could not gert away with.   When you are a senior out of work you ought to use every trick in the book. I never put false info on any document I sign and date.


You make an excellent request.  I have been staring at the screen for a while.  I will try to come up with a strong beginning for a resume.  I will need to locate my resume.  Since I am not looking any more I don't have it handy.  My challage may have a limited appeal since it is honed to a nasty point directed at a problem my industry faces.  I will need to make the focus far less pointed. All industry is struggling not to go under.  What everyone is looking for is a  champion who will fight and win for them.  Everyone on yoyu team will prosper being carried alone in your wake.  You must convince the reader you understand what they face and that you can turn the tide for them.  That may sound easy but it is not.  Nothing about you matters if you can make them a winner.  In my industry for my job it is always the same.  They have an unsolvable problem needing to be solved.  You say a minimum about the issues facing them because you want a wide an appeal as possible.  If you have the required skills and present them in a professional focused way they will want to see what you are made of. It is pretty much like unfolding midevil battal plans.  Here are my weapons and armor and this is how I will crush the enemy. 


I you are going to survive the interview you had better know how you are going to dig out what dragons they need you to slay and then tell them how you will do it.  They will give you a small opening at the end of the interview before you are dismissed.  They always ask do you have any questions?  That is your show time!  There are tons odf books and articles on this so yopu might want to crack a book.  


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