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AARP Help to help people over 50 get jobs and health care.


AARP Help to help people over 50 get jobs and health care.

Yes. AARP does not provide assistance to people over 50 in obtaining competitive and fair salary for their work experience and reputable agencies that people over 50 can utilize to apply for jobs? I have to go back to work because the government do not offer any help to us and health care is killing our finance. People over 50 are being discriminated all over. Please do something.

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There's more than one way to skin a job.


Here are three options for those of us who have talents and skills that are applicable to freelancing: - Used them for years.  Mostly I hire freelancers and am not on the freelance side but I see they work.  The folks I use are happy, eager. - Same

People Per Hour - I'm in their system but due their focus on hourly projects, I have yet to use them.  They get good reviews.


Freelancing is a good way to take what you have learned on jobs and selling those skills and abilities on your own.

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You are correct, the AARP does not provide much help to people over 50 in finding work, BUT it is possibly the best resource for information about life after 50.  You don't see much if anything on the AARP site that helps seniors find jobs because there are few if any resources that effectively do that.  (To see for youself, do searches outside the AARP site for senior employment.) There are a couple of organizations that say they get jobs for seniors but aren't very effective.  This is because employers generally are not hiring seniors, no matter what the laws are.  


Another major factor in the job market that hurts seniors is third parties in recruiting, staffing agencies, mostly manned by much younger people who have never worked in any of the industries for which they recruit.  They are sales people, recruiters.  This process is very parisitic and self serving.  It has both helped and hurt employment as a whole - Helped the employer and hurt the potential employee.  The whole process could use regulation.


When you say "Please do something", realize these issues are bigger than the any one individual, AARP, or government.  A lot of the problem lies in how we view aging and retirement.  They take your participation, and are not going to be resolved without contribution(s) to the process, plain and simple.  The definition of retirement is being acted on and modified by people doing something.

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