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๐Ÿ’ผ 7 Part-Time Seasonal Jobs for Older People (AARP ARTICLE)

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๐Ÿ’ผ 7 Part-Time Seasonal Jobs for Older People (AARP ARTICLE)

(8/13/23) I just read this AARP article and thought I would share with other folks who are age 50+ and still in the workforce.

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Having been in the personnel and recruiting field for decades, I find this AARP article to be as many others have been, lacking the research necessary to be truly factual and having misinformation spread throughout.


Examples as follows:


(1) Drivers being able to name their own hours is basically a myth. Hours are determined by demand. If your availability and the hours in demand happen to match, well and good. But that rarely happens. As to older workers being in possession of a Class A license, good luck.


(2) As to retail workers, who would want to work odd hours for less than a fast food worker makes.


(3) The requirements of being on your feet for extended periods, heavy lifting, and repeated bending makes grocery shoppers a perfect job for the older population.....NOT!!!!!


(4) Remote customer reps are mostly off-shore. Please note that the date in this item was last year.


(5) As to tax preparers, how many seniors do you think have the necessary experience and education to prepare other people's taxes? Very few.


(6) Gift assemblers, in my opinion, is such a small population that opportunities are almost non-existent.


(7) Gift wrappers are a dying breed. Most retailers no longer employ them.


This article, as has been with many other AARP articles, has lacked real world data. Having been in the personnel field for decades, I find most of what is in this article to be lacking the research necessary to make the data helpful to the older job seeker.


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