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Re: Veterans and their amazing stories

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oops, for got to sign....Jerry, Hellertown, PA

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Re: Veterans and their amazing stories

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My parents met while both were serving in the Army during WWII.  They originally were my aunt and uncle, but adopted me when I was 2, as my own parents were unable to care for all their children when my father became ill.


They raised me with Army discipline and I learned from an early age how to follow directions and knew that misbehaving was not acceptable.  So it was no surprise when, after graduating high school, I enlisted in the US Air Force.  I signed up for a 2 year hitch (wanted to see if I would like it first); and left for basic training at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX in 1963.


After basic, I was assigned to Stewart AFB, Newburgh, NY (no longer an AF base).  I was to reporrt to the "Block House" (highest security building on the base) which was surrounded by a double chain-link fence and a guard house with 2 military police to monitor who came and went; and who could not.


After 6 months, I was assigned to do the general briefing every morning in what we called the "war room"...attended by 3 Generals (Thomas, Whitehousee and Moore), and other officers and high ranking enlisted from the US, Canada, Austrailia and other parts of the world.  This was, of course, during the Viet Nam War. 


In January of 1965 I married, and discharged in April of the same year. 


I divorced after discharge; sent myself to nursing school, and worked as first an LVN, then went back to school and became an RN, working in Emergency Rooms and Labor and Delivery in Texas.  During my career I delivered over  70 babies (the doc either didn't make it in time, or the mom just walked into the ER and delivered on the spot (with the doc or docs in with other patients).


Now retired, I am the National Chaplain for Jewish War Veterans of the USA, the oldest veterans organization in the USA! 


Happy Veterans Day to all, and may all be blessed.  May God shelter you and envelope you within His wings of love and happiness.

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Veterans and their amazing stories

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Tell us about your story, someone you knows story or a family member.  Like just recently a d-day veteran has becomes world's oldest skydiver at 101! 


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