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Re: Thank a Veteran

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Thank you to all the veterans having served in the past and those currently serving. I know that their sacrifice and service is not in vain and promotes the many missions and purposes of our armed services: spreading liberty to the oppressed, guaranteeing human rights, defending the defenseless, stopping and preventing genocide, protecting the United States of America from threats both foreign and domestic. Of my dozens of family and friends who have served in the military, none regrets the experience, skills, and benefits that they have gained. Yes, heavy baggage from foreign deployments do come along as part of their service, but they know they were doing their part for something bigger than themselves. I pray that God may continue to watch over our troops, keep them alert and secure, and bring them safely home when their missions are completed. 

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Thank a Veteran

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Veterans Day is a day to celebrate and thank U.S. military veterans for their service to our country!  Post your Thank You here today!


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