Are there any tips on how to travel with a bunch of meds? We will be away from home 4-6 weeks.



I use those little plastic containers that have 7 sections in them, one for each day of week. I have one for morning meds, one for evening. I preload those. If needed, they can easily be carried.

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As much of a pain as it might be, when traveling to some countries, like Mexico, it is safer to have prescriptions in their original bottle. If you know you don't have those issues, I'd suggest using the little plastic weekly pill holders. If you need to travel with things that must stay cold, use a small cooler tote bag with a freezer pack. If flying, those items will need special security screening, but they are allowed, with no restrictions on liquid amounts.  Finally, always keep medications in a travel bag that you carry, never in luggage that will be checked or stowed away from you. Primarily this is in case you get separated from your luggage.



I use Ziplock sandwich bags for extended trips. Lightweight, easily packable. All my supplements go in one bag, the scrips go in separate bags for each one with the labels attached. 



Really no easy way. I put all my meds in a large ziplock, in their original packaging bottles that are labelled. Then I preload the weekly case I have that has removable day containers, for travel day only. At the first destination, I preload the entire container for the week. I have to carry 14 different prescriptions in varying size bottles. But it doesn't really take up that much room.



I put each prescription med in a single snack size zippie, along with the paper rx that I get from the drug store as my receipt. It takes up very little space and meets the requirement of having the prescription to go with the med. I don't worry about otc stuff. If they take that from me I'll be OK.



I get my prescriptions from a national chain (Rite Aid) locally. If I run out of anything on vacation, the local Rite Aid where I'm staying can look it up and refill it for me. I've done this twice in the last few years. They also have my insurance on file so it cost the same no matter where I'm at. I'm sure it works at other chains also.



I take a plastic case with a week's worth of meds in the correct day and time slots all set up. In addition, I take enough of each med for the length of my trip plus 5 days. These I place in very small (1 x 2) labled plastic bags (obtained at Walmart or a craft store). All of the small bags are then placed in either a quart or gallon bag. When a week is up, I set up another week from the small bags. And i never, ever pack any meds in checked luggage. I do this with non-prescription as well as prescription meds. 



We use an app called CareZone, and we also keep a printout of prescriptions from our doctor, which we print from his website. We also have our meds listed in the Emergency feature of our iPhones, and on a pocket card in our wallets. We carry drugs with us, purchase supplements at our destination, and pack empty sorters. We then fill the sorters when we arrive at our destination. You only have to set up this system one time, then you're good for a few years. We travel by plane monthly to international destinations and have never had problems. 



The answer to this is different whether you are traveling within the U.S. or out of the country. When in the US, we usually put meds in baggies, and by using a pharmacy that's nationwide, we can get refills anywhere.


However, when traveling internationally it's best to keep them in the original pill bottles. One reply suggested carrying a copy of the prescription, but then you run into the issue of whether it's readable (if handwritten) and whether a customs person is able to read English. It may only delay you for a short while as they get things sorted out, but that could be stressful and even cause a missed flight.



Due to a gastrointestinal issue, my supplements are just as important to me as my meds. I place all my meds in their containers in an Eagle Creek bag with a zipper top. It is flexible and durable and waterproof. I use the Lewis N. Clark AM/PM Folding Pill Organizer. Each organizer has 16-slide locking durable plastic pouches. I fill each pouch in the organizer prior to my trip. It is so easy to organize your supplements and simply take a pouch with you. I have 3 of these organizers in case I am on a 21- or 28-day trip. It is fantastic. I take both the Eagle Creek bag and the AM/PM organizers in my carry-on luggage.



Just be sure you are not staying anywhere overnight before your flight if you are carrying a freezer pack. It will defrost and will count as a liquid and will be confiscated. Happened to me.



We purchased the small craft bags from Walmart in the craft section. They are about 2 x 3 and 3 x 4 in size and are the ziplock type. We put am in one bag and pm in another bag. Then we put all the am in a larger gallon ziplock and the same for the pm. The bags won't open like the pill boxes and they hold quite a few big pills. (I take 3 of the horse sized Omega 3-6-9 daily plus 4 GI meds that are close to it in size) My mother's pills, my pills and my husband's were packed that way and we traveled by cruise and car for a month. The gallon baggies are flexible so no trying to make sure the pill boxes are packed in such a way as to not open during travel  We reuse the little baggies each time we travel. Or as cheap as they are, just throw them away. 


Hope that helps!



Your meds should always be in your carry-on bag in the container they come in from the pharmacy. Plus the name on the bottle should always match your name exactly as the name on your passport. All non-prescription meds should be in the original bottle they came in. Always put the bottles in clear plastic bags so you have them all together.



I've done a lot of traveling, both short trips and long trips, domestic and abroad, business and pleasure. I have never ever been confronted about the pills I carry in ziplock bags. My scrips come in 90-day supplies, which are large bottles or packages. I am not inclined to carry all those bottles with me when space is in short supply. I do put them in my carryon always, but I will continue to use ziplocks for most trips.



To add to my comment, no one takes narcotics. If we had to travel with them, I would definitely carry them in the original pharmacy bottle. I also ask the Dr. for written prescriptions for each med or a list from the pharmacy. The pharmacist can give you a list that includes illustrations of the specific pills. Keep that information in the baggies with the pills. I even obtain prescriptions for antibiotics and have them filled before we travel just in case someone gets sick while we are out of town. So far, we have never used them, but they are definitely a good investment if your Dr. will agree to it. Try going to a clinic out of town or on a cruise ship or out of the country! We also consolidate our bags, so more than one person's pills are in the same bag. We put the carryon with all the pills through the scanner. I have never had any problems wherever we have traveled. TSA changes daily. So does protocol. Much may depend on who you get at the scanner! 

Happy travels!



We just returned from 24 days in Alaska and Canada. We took small craft bags, put our daily meds/vitamins in each little bag. I put all the bags in one large ziplock bag with a typwritten list of everything in each bag. We kept liquid meds in the unopened boxes with pharmacy labels on them. No one ever said a word about our meds. We carried them in our backpacks, I use sugar-free coffie flavoring, which I put in 3 one-ounce bottles in my backpack. Hubby and son carried their CPAP machines. CPAP gave us trouble in Canada. Security not customs. We missed our Canada flight by 1 minute because security practically dissected the machines. This happened both in Vancouver and Toronto. (Missed our flight in Vancouver, slept in Toronto airport over night) So, if you carry a CPAP give yourself extra time in the airport security lines outside the US. We survived! And the trip was GREAT!



Hi I'm glad you had a great trip regardless of the problems with the CPAP machine but your trip could have been a complete disaster the way you were carrying your other drugs. Never put coffee creamer in little bottles in your carryon (you're lucky they did'nt think it was a an illegal drug. Vitamins should be in checked luggage, and always take your pills in the bottle you get from the pharmacy (the pharmacy can always make up smaller bottles for you so you can take along what you need). I always take Tylenol and allergy meds in my carryon, and all my other prescriptions go into a quart-size plastic bags in the original bottle. Make sure the name on your bottle is the same exact name as on your passport. I also take an opiod pain patch and it can be a problem, so always have a letter from the prescribing Dr. telling what it is and why you take it. I travel to Europe a lot, which in itself  can be a problem because some meds are illegal in some countries. I'm not trying to tell how to travel just how to be safe and have a fun time. 

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