How do you like to spend your time at the airport when you arrive a little early or have an extended (or unplanned!) layover?



Samantha Brown shares her tips:


Well, I probably spend a fair amount of time on my phone, clearing emails, checking the singles sites (ha!), reviewing Amazon deals, etc. But, the most fun is people watching. So grab a cup of coffe, get a good seat close to your gate, and just enjoy the many diverse and interesting travelers. 



I haven't traveled in 20 years, but I will be visiting my sister who lives in Florida in about 2 weeks. I will spend my free time at the airport probably people watching some of the time and working on one of my puzzle books.



We usually have an iPad or another device with lots of reading material downloaded to pass the time. I also enjoy visiting with the folks sitting in the terminal waiting for a flight like me. You can meet some pretty interesting and nice people as you wait for your flight to depart.



On long delays, I like to walk around and get some exercise. I always travel with music and a good paperback, as well as reading on my iPad. Sometimes it's just nice to have the book in hand, and it doesn't weary the eyes as much as screen reading.



Don't forget to bring a good dose of patience with you. I know that may be hard for a lot of folks but there are some things you cannot control. So why get your feathers all ruffled? Stay calm and carry on. You'll feel better when you finally reach your destination.


What I do while in the airport: Buy a bottle of water $4.00, grab a newspaper $1.50, and finally 4 mixed drinks or beers, so I can sleep the whole flight. The skies are not friendly anymore ! 



I spend the time in the bar!



I always get to the airport early. I usually bring my ipad and play words with friends (50+games). I bring 2-3 mystery books and several magazines (Bottom Line Personal, Morningstar Fund Investor & Dividend Investor, Readers Digest).



I normally arrive early but like to spend the time walking, especially if it is a large airport.  After that I do some praying/meditating, read, or play games on my iPad. 



Some of the bigger airports have great shopping — and often items are marked down.  Airports offer a variety of stores, and they are small and easy to manage.  


I always enjoy reading my books or finishing one of the series that i am watching when i have some extra unplanned time at the airport. In fact i attempt to have it every time i am flying out. 

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