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Healthy Travel

How do you stay healthy while traveling? What tips can you share for eating healthfully, getting sufficient exercise, and taking care of yourself on the road.


Have you ever traveled for health/wellness reasons? A spa trip? A fitness resort? A hiking/biking trip? Something else?


A new AARP survey shows there are several good reasons to make wellness a part of your travels. Find out how others incorporate wellness into their travels here:

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As a photographer, I travel full time. And if at all possible, I stay in an 'Extended Day' Hotel. These hotels have kitchens which feature full size refrigerators. This allows me to shop as if I was home and make any meal I want. This includes a platter of fruit (usually melons) for breakfast. And all my favorite places to go out to eat all feature brocoli, my favorite health food.


Every different place I go I find either a place to do a cardio hike daily, or a large park to bike. Cardio daily is important to me. 

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It's easy to over-eat (and over-spend on food) on trips. And to be presented with crummy food choices on trips (ie: unhealthy and/or unpalatable choices). At times I have rebelled against this when I'm at a hotel with a frig...I'll just go to the grocery store and stock up on bread, deli meats and cheeses, fruit and veggies. Then I can eat the smaller meals (and frequent small snacks) that I prefer. Generally saving money and waste at the same time.