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Does AARP Offer Any DEALS for RV'ers?

According to the LA Times


At any point in time


There are between 100,000 & 200,000 Retired Americans Traveling around our Country Full Time in a RV


I doubt there are 100k to 200k Americans in 3 years traveling to Exotic Destinations around the Globe but there are multiple threads about that on AARP & Dozens of Deals for those who appear to already have enough Resources to pick outside the USA as their Travel Destinations


There are 3 Individual Posts about RV Travel in America


I could not find any about Tent Camping - Backpacking in the USA - plenty in Europe though


Sorry but I'm a Veteran and a Patriotic American


Sure WISH the AMERICAN Association of RETIRED PEOPLE would Focus on the 99% of the Americans in this Country who aren't LOADED once in awhile











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