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Re: Do You Use Travel Agents?

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We use a travel agent for the legs of a trip that are better left to someone with experience.  I still do research to discuss with her what we expect to accomplish on the trip.  I tend to do my own travel arrangements for domestic travel in places I know.  We spent 2 weeks in Ireland and Northern Ireland and the agent took care of plane tickets, rental car, and most of the hotels.  I took care of one hotel where we spent several days.  I told my travel agent to never book us in chain hotels overseas but they must have American style convenience and amenities.  Staying at a hotel in Europe that has one bathroom per floor was fine when I was 20, but not anymore.  She books 4 star hotels that cost me less than most 3 star in the USA.  In Rome and Barcelona, our hotels were just outside the tourist areas.  It was great because all of the stores and restaurants were places the locals use instead of heavy tourist trafficked areas.  Local Mom & Pop restaurant owners love having polite visitors eat in their places.  They go overboard on making sure you enjoy everything!


On our most recent trip, our agent couldn't believe the plane ticket prices (neither could we) and surprised herself with ingenuity in getting a lower price.  Instead of booking one multi-leg roundtrip ticket, she booked the domestic stops separate from the international segments, like 2 separate tickets, but somehow they were all still linked together as if it were all one booking.  It saved us over $1600 per ticket.  I never would have thought to try anything like that doing my own flight booking.

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Re: Do You Use Travel Agents?

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We use a travel agent when the trip is a complex international one and the results are excellent. One of the greatest benefits is being met at the gate (or just past security) and being whisked through customs and immigration. No lines, no waiting, and people are courteous! Most domestic trips we do ourselves but for international, a good travel agent is a must.

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Re: Do You Use Travel Agents?

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Occasionally!  I have an agent that gets some killer deals on cruises and I use them regularly. 

Currently I am planning a multi city trip meeting multiple family members for different legs of the journey and I find it easier to do myself.  I enjoy searching for hotels, local transportation, airfare and tourist “props”.   I would exasperate an agent!   

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Do You Use Travel Agents?

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When planning a trip, do you use travel agents or do you do it yourself?


Any stories to share of when you've used a travel agent for a trip, why, and how it worked out?


Here are four reasons to use a travel agent: 

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