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Car Rental Do's and Don'ts

Another post reminded me of a mistake I made several years ago with a car rental, even though I already knew better.

Never say yes to the rental company topping off the gas tank for you.


Many rental companies will ask if you'd rather have the convenience of not worrying about filling the car's gas tank before you return it. Always say NO!


Also, always make sure the tank has the level of gasoline specified in your rental agreement before you return the car to avoid any charges for the rental company's gasoline costs.


In my incident, I didn't use the car as much as I thought I might need to during the last day of my visit and returned the car to the airport with nearly a full tank of gas. Even though it would have been fine, otherwise, I was still charged for the fillup.


It wouldn't have been so painful if they had topped off the tank and had charged me for actual gasoline used, even at their inflated gasoline prices, but I was charged for a full tank of gas from empty. To make matters worse, I was charged for 18 gallons of the rental agency's higher priced gasoline. The car's tank had a specified limit of only 11 or 12 gallons. I was cheated on several levels. They made more profit from my fillup option than from the weekly rental on the car.


Never say yes to having the car rental agency fill your tank for you!


Just say NO!



Every car I have ever rented had under-inflated to SERIOUSLY under-inflated tires! I guess this is to boost up the price of gasoline the company charges customers for returning their rental car with below the required gas in the tank. Under-inflated tires cause the car to get worse MPG! I always check the tire air pressure on my rental car.


I always rent from a company that picks you up and returns you to your home for no charge.  Love when they have Cheap Weekend Deals.  You can rent a car for under $50 for a weekend!  Whatever time you set on Friday, you have that car until Monday at that same time.  A great 3 days to use.  I use the Rental Insurance that comes with my Credit Card and do not take their insurance.  The only extra cost is the gas that you use.  You have 300 miles to use during that weekend rental and able to get unlimited miles if you wish for $2 per day.

However, these Cheap Weekend Deals are only from around September to around the end of May.

Have used rentals for over 20 years and always have been treated exceptionally well.  Have never

been overcharged or treated unfairly.

I would name the Company but don't think it is allowed.  However, believe all know who they are.

Susan R.

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Car rental companies are all crooked in my opinion.  I'll stay with Uber for my transportation.

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When renting a car, make sure you as the dealer if there is any local or regional "holidays" taking place during the rental period.


I once rented a car during a three day period. I was changed a "surcharge" because of a holiday that was taken place in the area I rented the car during that same three day period.


I was told of the holiday not of name, but what purpose it served. (It had something to do to celebrate the instament of a regional leader of some kind!)


Just remember to ASK before you agree and all terms and condictions!!

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Wow, good to know. They must make quite a bit of money doing this to people. 

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