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What daily habits can you share for this year?

Do you know the daily habits of super healthy people?  Do you have a daily habit that has worked for you?  Let's all share some great tips as we enter a new year!


Want some inspiration on new habits?  Read here:

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I walk 2-3 miles everyday.  I keep a tally Step tracker and will hit 800 total miles soon.  Also, I am eating less and healthier food, mainly prepared at home, and sleep 7-8 hours a night.  This has cause me to loose weight.  Down two belt notches.  Finally, I talk to my two adult children everyday and stay in contact with my friends on social media.

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Good morning.  Every day I stick with the 6-Dimensions of Wellness:

Doing what I am passionate for (helping others); yoga/walking/cardio; zooming or chatting with friends outside physically distanced and masked; meditation (a gratitude practice); reading about

art history and birds; and ensuring that I am emotionally attuned for the day.  Thank you.

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That is one hat on my Great GranddaughterThat is one hat on my Great Granddaughter


My daily, not quite a habit maybe a hobby but it keeps me busy and keeps me sane. 

I crochet hats for preemies and newborn babies.  I give them to the 2 major hospitals in my area. 

I just wish I could see a few on the babies. My Granddaughter is in nurses training and is going to labor and delivery in a few weeks, maybe she will get to see a hat on a new baby.  🙂  

Live For Today, No One is Guaranteed a TOMORROW !

I exercise everyday which is very helpful. I've recently gotten into a bit of minalism so I'm paring down some of my stuff - donate, sell. I'm also putting 50% of my income away a month. My goal is to step it up to 60%.

My weekly goal is to continue to my practice of 30 minutes of yoga at least 5 out of 7 days. I am working to increase my meditation practice.  My personal mantra is "Peace, Harmony, Laughter, Love."

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I always make sure I get enough sleep which is very important.  Eight hours a night and  adequate naps throughout the day.  😴


The healthiest thing I do for my physical and mental health is my daily spiritual practice. I focus on building my spiritual intimate relationship with God/The Universal Mind/Creator/Higher Power. 

I read Scripture or watch a video, then I meditate and balance my chakras, and then I pray using the formula Jesus taught in The Lord’s  Prayer which I remember by the acronym:


  • A - adoration (worship)
  • C - confession of trespasses
  • T - thanksgiving for all I have
  • S - supplication for what I need and desire
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My husband and I start our day off with a 45 minute  walk around the neighborhood.  That's  followed by breakfast of oatmeal with berries, nuts and seeds. We finish off with  a couple of pages in a trivia book.  That covers physical, social,  nutritional and cognitive health all by 10:00! 

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