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Share your from Hopelessness to Happiness story!

Life certainly can rip the rug right out from under us when we least expect it, and the result can be unspeakable sorrow. The term, though, can also be one of hope!  Even when you’re at your lowest point, something can abruptly happen that changes your mood like quicksilver, from hopelessness to happiness.  Share something that has happened in your life like this!


Great article on this here:

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The rug was ripped out from under me when my 20-year-old daughter was killed leaving a 19 mo old baby boy. 


We had 50% custody because the BF was not a good parent he lived with us almost every summer until he was 14. He said he stayed home then because his Dad was never home and he played games on the TV. He is afraid of his Dad so he turned out ok but does need counseling for his Mother dying. 


I don't know that I have ever reached true happiness in my life, but I have learned to live through my pain. You NEVER get over the loss of a child, you work through it. I am still me, but a different me, but I have learned to live with that also.  

I went to 2 Support Groups which really did help. It took me over a yr and 1/2 to be able to even talk about my daughter's death. After 2 court cases and listening, I finally did and it was so rewarding to be able to talk to someone who understood me and my loss. I struggle every day to make it through but I really don't think I will ever be truly happy in my heart again. 


My CHD, my GCH, and new GGC have gotten me and my husband through this.

Like George Floyd calling for his Mother, I hope when I die I see my daughter and call out her name, Deanna, and she reaches out to me. 

Live For Today, No One is Guaranteed a TOMORROW !