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How has your social life changed in this age of coronavirus?

What are you doing to keep in touch with friends and family?  


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I used to absolutely love going to the movies--sitting in the dark, eating popcorn, and laughing or crying or being scared along with a bunch of strangers who, too, had a love of theater.  I miss that big part of my social life.  I also miss eating out on a semi-regular basis and that means both via fast food establishments and/or sit-down restaurants.  I don't go into sit down restaurants to eat AT ALL now.  And I have only purchased a meal on two occasions from two different restaurants since COVID-19 and the state's lockdowns began way back in March.  


Although I am what they called early on an "essential  worker" and have more than enough socialization through my job, I don't visit with my personal friends as often as I used to.  We all seem to be a part of the "huddled masses" huddling alone.  But we keep in touch on an almost daily basis by phone.  Thank God for Alexander Graham Bell!!!


I have maintained my museum and zoo memberships even though they have been closed for months.  I had hoped that the virus would have been contained better by now. So even though these favorite spaces which I used to frequent have now slowly begun reopening, I still do not feel safe to go there--I have not gone and probably will not for the remainder of the year.


Those are just a few ways my social life has changed.  But one really good thing that has come out of the pandemic for me.  I absolutely love cooking my own food and have made myself to be quite a good cook--the kind that can even make "stone" soup taste good!  lol



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This is a plug, if you want it that way. I frequent "Starbucks" and "Subway."

Both "tastefully" done, pun intended.

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