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Has your life turned on a dime? Share the gifts and challenges you have experienced.

Share your story on how life can turn on a dime — but in both directions.  This year has had its challenges but also some great things we have learned or done.  


I started the year off getting married not knowing that the first 12 months of my marriage we would spend all of our time together!  What a gift and a challenge!


What's your gift and challenge?


Great story from the Girlfriend editor on her changes!

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How could we "do great things" if we can barely leave the house?  Things turned on a dime all right!  Good riddance 2020!

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The most significant part of 2020 represented for me was 60 years since my parents and I moved where I lived now when I was 14,  Math = I'm now 74.  Spoiler:  I turn 75 in 14 days.  Fourteen again.  Poetic coincidence or what?!