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Girlfriends: Please Read This

I love contributing on The Girlfriend forum.  But honestly ( that's the only way I know to be ) we need more people coming up with topics.  I don't know if people are intimidated by the prospect of doing that, because they feel their topic will "fail". Have you not seen, some of my numerous topics flop.  Or you feel you don't have anything to contribute.  Are you kidding?  We are women, we are fascinating, we have a lot to say.  Watch out, . . . Helen Reddy can't be denied,  "I am women, here me roar, in numbers to big to ignore. . . " Ok, you know the rest. Speak, speak up, share what's on your mind.  All I ask, is that you do it in a respectful way.  I hope to wake up Wednesday morning with some awesome things to read...

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I'm beginning to think that maybe posting on the Front Porch forum is where the action is. I may start infiltrating there. LOL 🤣


Also just discovered on my laptop the screen size has to be at 90% or I don't get the whole reply toolbar -- the smileys go missing. Weird. 😎 

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