Found Great Minimalism Inspiration

I've been on a minimalism journey since May 2020, and was looking for some inspiration to continue.  I found a great series of short videos on the subject with Joshua Becker.  They are on YouTube and total 84, and he is continuing to add new ones.  


Do you have creative or interesting resources to inspire others on the subject of minimalism? Christine



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Thank you for the tip. I'll definitely check the videos. It's about time I started on my minimalism journey instead of thinking and talking about it.

Wanjiru Warama

@WanjirusBits , Some one told me to start with one small drawer. Something that you can tackle and complete in a short time.  Then you move up and build momentum on that success to a slightly bigger job.  Trying to declutter your clothes closet as a first project can leave you tired and defeated.   You end up have all kinds of crap all over your floor and it looks worse then when you started. ( I've done that! )


You got this! Would love to have you check in and tell us how it's going.  Christine

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