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Do you have or want a best friend?

Even if we're not the peanut butter to your jelly, we still have loyalty to our close friends.  But sometimes you don't want the title of being a best friend either!  How do you feel about having or being a best friend?


I don't have one person (since I have my sister and my husband, do they count?) who I'd call a "best friend," but I do have a few really close girlfriends.  Share your thoughts!



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I have 1 best friend that I live near and another one in another state, I'm blessed with some other girlfriends.

They have been there for me through 2 divorces, can't say enough about them.




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I'm immensely grateful for my local best friend. We started our friendship in a New Wave band in the 1980s, then had our kids together in the 90s, and have shared so much history since then. We walk together (with masks) every other morning and support each other and help each other solve our problems. I have other great friends in other cities, but when close friends can see each other consistently, they can help lower anxiety, and help us to grow into our best selves. My best friend is my best therapy! 

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I have had a best friend for 50 years now. She has been loyal and always there when I needed her. When our daughter was killed she was one or almost the only one who stuck by me. Many are afraid to be around someone who has lost a child. Luckily she was also my daughter's God Mother and remembers her birthday and death date. Before the pandemic, we went out to lunch almost every month. It was funny we didn't find out we have the same birthday until we were friends for about 10 years. 


I also have a good GF in South Carolina but being far away we can only communicate by e/mail or phone but have been friends for 30 years.  I visited her a few years back but  I am too sick to travel by plane any more, she lives alone and can't seem to afford to travel to see me.   I miss her very much. 

Live For Today, No One is Guaranteed a TOMORROW !
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