Re: Are you trying to start a job during the pandemic?

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Thanks for the valuable input. I was really thinking about doing something like this at my residence...great tip...

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Re: Are you trying to start a job during the pandemic?

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For the job that I got, I had both an in-person interview and a phone interview, so I have had the luxury of having met some of my co-workers in person. However, by the time I was offered the position and started my job, the stay-at-home restrictions were in place.


I was sent a laptop and headset with instructions for how to login to the system and contact Tech Support, if needed. While it was a lot smoother and quicker than I anticipated, I suggest setting things up in advance and testing what you can. Just in case there would be issues, I did most of the setup before my first day. Note that some logins may not be active until your first day.


I feel that it is crucial to use the various communications software that a company offers to get to know your co-workers. Look through threads and emails to see how what the corporate tone is and note that it may vary from different departments and teams. If I’ve noticed one thing about starting a job virtually, it is that your communication skills are more important than ever.


Finally, if there are social events such as virtual happy hours, do attend! Even if you are not the most social person, it is a great way to get to know your new co-workers better and they get to know you.

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Are you trying to start a job during the pandemic?

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Share your ideas with others here!  How are you making it work?  Is something delaying you?


Read more here:

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