I was born in 1938, in January , and in June 1940 Italy declared  war to France and England.So I lived the war with the bombing and the destruction of many buildings of my city. My father was a partisan and he taught me that freedom is the most important thing in your life, it doesn't matter what it costs. In May 1945 the Americans liberated my city. In front of my house there was a warehouse that the American Soldiers used as a barrack. As soon as they saw us children, they called us smiling and we approach them: one of them give me my first piece of chocolate and my first banana; he called me "Sis". Every time I told him : " No Sis, Marina." . They were pilots and I remember the wing on the lapel of his jacket and the leather helmet.After a week they were gone: my father told me that they went to Germany.Since then I started loving America and dreaming to come here.In 2008 I became an American Citizen and I learned from my grandchildren that Sis is fo Sister: maybe that pilot had a little sister in the United States. I don't know the name of that soldier but I thank, with all my heart, him and every veteran for helping me to be free: Thank You!

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