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  • dfjlgh

    I don't think you can thank "A" Veteran without thank them ALL.  Some may have proven themselves on the battlefield, been part of a high profile event, been placed in the spotlight BUT all the men and women who choose to serve take an oath to protect this great nation and our freedom. No matter what their assignment, they are supporting us and each other so let's give kudos and thanks to the one who feeds the troops through KP duty or are on the front lines because they never know when they will be placed in harms way.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SELFLESSNESS.



  • ladycpo89

    I would like to thank all my fellow veterans for their service, especially the women.  Without the brave women who paved the way for the rest of us, I would not have been able to serve in the Navy. I met many amazing women during my 22 years in the Navy.  One who especially stands out is YNCS Anna Marie Wilber Anderson. She joined the Navy during WWII but had to get out after she married and got pregnant.  She waited until her son was older and went back on active duty and also served in the Naval Reserve.  She retired with 20 years combined active and reserve service. She was a very dedicated and was an excellent example for those of us who knew her.  She passed away several years ago at the age of 83, but she was a wonderful mentor for me.  

  • wh25057185

    I have lit a green light bulb in my window to thank all Vets that pass by and I crocheted hats on Saturday with Knots of Love to make as many hats as we could in 8 hours to give to the Vets at the Long Beach Veterans hospital.....#650 will keep their heads warm this winter!!

  • jerryereed

    I'm a Vietnam service vet having served in Thailand in 1969. As a way to thanks to a vet I decided to pass it on. I had two tickets to the movie Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks. I have already seen it and didn't want to go again. It's great, by the way. So this morning I spotted a couple heading into our local movie theater, approached, said hello, identified myself as a veteran and asked what movie they were planning to see. "Bridge of Spies" she said. I asked if either was a veteran. Turns out he's a Vietnam vet. I handed them the tickets and said: "Enjoy the movie." It felt good to share forward and to say thank you to another vet.

  • bk490

    Veterans are very special people.  Once a vet always vet.  As I go through life and meet people who have served in the armed forces I feel a special connection with them.  A bond even though I never met them before.  I just want every vet to know how special they are.  Thanks a lot for your service to the United States.

  • macmona69

    I, myself am a Veteran of 23 years in the Navy. A day never goes by that I don't see a veteran, on or off the base that I don't say "Thanks for serving". I am 79 years old and each time I say that, it brings a tear to my eyes.

  • 2lgalloway

    Our freedoms, our families, our possessions, our lives, we owe it all to those who serve, and have served, in the Armed Forces of our country. How easily our lives would have been different if we did not had a strong military. I make it a point to say hello and thank every military person I see because I want them to know how valued they are. I also ask that they let their family members know they met someone who appreciates them and sends love and good wishes.

  • ynotdebo

    The Veteran I would like to thank is my dad, Michael Troyan. He served 3 tours in Vietnam, in order to keep his other 5 brothers from having to serve. When he returned home, he took full custody of his two preteen daughters and raised them until they moved out. I think raising two teenage daughters is kind of like fighting a neverending war. LOL and he did a wonderful job.

    dad 2015.jpg


  • af6048

    On this day and every day I want Veterans to know that I salute their service and sacrifices.  I shine a green light and fly the flag in your honor.  I too am a veteran having volunteered and served in the Republic of Vietnam.  My biggest regret is that while I did my service, I did not see the devistation and horror that was seen by many.  Till this day I feel a sense of survivors remorse that others suffered the affects of war, while I came out unscathed.  Regardless, for all that served and continue to serve I deeply appreciate and honor your service.

  • tahowski

        I would like to give recognition to "Gary" who was my best friend in high school. He joined the ARMY and served in Vietnam. In the last letter from him, he had graduated from parchute training and was being deployed to Vietnam. His mother told me later that his squad had parchuted into a mine field on the first in-country mission, but was not recovered with the rest of his squad as will as three others. He as so many others are listed as MIA. If he and all the others are forgotten then they are missing. We all need to remember them as the veterians who gave their all, but need to come home to the country they loved. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • tired64

    Just past the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, I send a very special Thank You to my fellow Veterans and to their families. To those Veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice and did not make it back to loved ones and those that did return different, you will forever be appreciated and honored and loved. The return path is difficult, but you are never alone. Your family and friends are now your "Comrades In Arms" and will not let you fall. We are taking over for your buddies who fell at your side and those who have moved on. Believe in us and our love for you as you believed in what you did for our Freedom.


    No greater honor has a Veteran than the honor of being a Veteran!

  • mb7936

      I was injuried at the on set of The Gulf War (1990). I have fought with The Veterans Adminastration for 25 years now and my claim is still not settled! I am still Proud to ba a Veteran!!! When I see other veterans at The American Legion hall, Disabled Veterans hall or at V A facilities I walk up with a smile, firm hand shake and Thank each One I meet! We are all brothers and sisters, we have been through similar situtations, just different times.  I have joined The American Legion Riders and am joining The Patroit Riders to serve my fallen brothers and sisters one last time. I only wish our Elected Officals had half the Heart that My Fellow Bothers and Sister show everyday! We are riding in Parades this Saturday, we will be smiling and waving on the outside.....Deep down we shed tears for the forgotten! On 11/11/2015 we will be at a ceramony for the latest fallen soldiers from our county here in Florida! Bless you All and The 2% that Protect our Country!!

  • hf3282

    There is nothing more honorable than to serve in the US military.  I thank all veterans and current military for their dedication, loyalty and courage.  

  • pb40374959

    My husband was a veteran of both World War II and the Korean War. He was the youngest of 5 boys, 4 of them in the 2nd World War. He was the only one in the Navy, the other three were in  the Army. He was 18 when he was drafted. His brother Tom was one of the survivors of the Battle of the Bulge. My husband was 13 years older than me, so I would have no idea of how he felt at 18, to leave his family, go overseas and be gone for 3 years. How can you thank so many that gave up their life or, many years of their life, for others. He volunteered for the Korean War at age 25 and returned at age 28. Like many he used his GI benefits to go to school and started his career at age 33. I just honored him with two Veterans banners that are hanging on lights posts in our town. I was very surprised when I heard people complaining that the banners cost too much and should have been free, people you would not have even had the opportuunity to purchase the banners if anyone of these Vets had not fought for your rights. It isn't much, nor can it make up for all those years and lives, but Thank You for your Service, the world is a better place because of all of you.

  • gpennst1

    Thank you for your service and for your dedication to our country.  It is appreciated by me as well as other Veterans that have served the Nations on Active Duty..


    James H. Massey, Jr.

    USA Retired MAJOR

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  • me7654

    alwStewart VanVliet is my GG Grandfather who hasl  always been my role model through my life, and frankly I can not believe all that he did dedicating his life to our country and I wish I could have know him to thank him and learn from him but I want to take the time now to let him now how much he made a difference to outo gr country and to my life.  He started out as a farm boy in New York was ablecae to work hard to get into West Point.  He boecame very good friends with Sherman and Grant which remained for a lifetime.  When he graduated he was immediately sent to the desperate wars in Florida against the Seminole indians and was able tto o survive several hand to hand combats.  After those battles he was sent to help the country during many of the Mexican War battles.  He then helped establish forts out West to help with the country's expansion and participated in many piece negotiations alone, fearing for the lives of his soldiers.  During the Civil War he was reassigned to Washington to be the Quater Master General of the Army of the Potomac.  He performed such an awesome job of supplying all the needs of the country.  Thank you for letting me tell the story of the amazing life of Ster       

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  • mw36646274

    Dearest Mom and Dad:

    Thank you for your service as U.S. Army veterans.  Your romantic story is also about a miracle: Me.  You met in the mess hall on a German Army base, post WWII.  Being shy and studious, Dad always had his nose in a book, yet Mom's humor won his attention.  As an Army nurse, Mom out-ranked Dad, while Dad was a Private, six years younger, and a former seminarian.  Officers were forbidden to eat with the enlisted.  However, Mom always was a "rabblerouser," and sat with Dad in the mess hall.    Post war period Germany is where you courted and married in Heidelberg.   Mom's  doctor informed you that she would never have children, since she had a partial hysterectomy, which today is basically the removal of one ovary.  She had always prayed for six children and was heart-broken.  Then a miracle happened:  On your European honeymoon, I was conceived in Italy, the home of Mom's ancestors, then I originated in Cleveland, Ohio, when you returned pregnant to the states.  You proceeded to have five more children.  


    Thank you, Mom and Dad, for being Army vets, serving your country, and being in the right place at the right time.  As I write this tribute to you, I am in the right place at the right time.  My life is a miracel every day.


    Thank you, AARP, for saluting veterans, including my parents.  



    Rev. Maureen White, EdD, SPHR

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  • val925

    Heres To The Red White And Blue True To The Cause...Humbly Giving Thanks For Untied We Stand Divided We Fall Iam To One Of The Proud Veterans.........

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  • AllenB60

    Did not find out about the green light until a couple of days, ago, went out to local store got the last one they had, immediatley got home and put it in,will continue to leave in and on! Proud to say, had the only one on the block, hopefully this will encourage others to do the same!

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  • piranaha

    I want to thank my husband, who was there supporting me while I served in the Marinen Corps

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