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  • sf8450

    I want to thank my wonderful husband for his service - Vietnam - 1970-1971


    Also I want to thank my son - for his service - Afganistan - 2001-2002 and he is still in the Army.


    Thank you to all veterans - Past, Present, and Future - We could not be free without all of you!!



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  • ms3997539

    So many brave and wonderful women and men gave their time & lives for our country.  Thank you for your efforts and sacrifices.

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  • drhonemus

    I would like to thank all veterans for their service, dedication, patriotism and sacrifice.  You did it for me and all Americans.

    Thank you!

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  • jm52848533

    Thank you to all vets who serve our great country and keep us safe from a  complicated world. My dad served in the Marine Corps and three brothers served in the Navy , one for 28 years and retired as a Lt. 

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  • KarenAlb

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to all our U.S. Veterans!  I'm appreciative of your service on behalf of our country, both in our country and abroad.  My heart fills with pride every time I think about our armed forces.  

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