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I want to thank my wonderful husband for his service - Vietnam - 1970-1971


Also I want to thank my son - for his service - Afganistan - 2001-2002 and he is still in the Army.


Thank you to all veterans - Past, Present, and Future - We could not be free without all of you!!



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I want to Thank the veterans that are constantly giving their time to find or raise awareness and funds to locate POW s so they are not forgotten . And I want to thank the veterans who were prisoners of war and finally were found and could return to our country.
I want to Thank One POW I personally have known , Mr Paul Montague of Kansas . Our town had a memorial in his honor and declared him dead, but he was returned to us . THANKING GOD FOR MR PAUL MONTAGUE.
I would like to thank my cousin Dennis Reynolds who is a Chaplin . You do more good than you know and I appreciate your service to our country! God bless you!
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