Whether you:

Served during war time or peace time.

Were in combat or an office.

You carried a weapon or a pen.

You served in the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard or National Guard.

You were called to serve by draft or enlistment.

You served overseas or on American soil.

You gave the ultimate sacrifice or not.

You were wounded or received a paper cut.

You spent your day walking through rice paddies or up and down the flight line.

You spent your day in the desert heat or in the cool of an office.

You came ashore on a landing craft or by aircraft.

You were an officer or an enlisted person.

You were man or woman.

You were young or old.

You served 30 years or 2 years.

You were on the ground, sea or air.

You received physical wounds or emotional wounds.

Your nightmares have gone or continue to come.

Your time served was terrible or joyful.

You were looked down on or honored.

You wore your uniform in honor or as a necessity.

You received a hero’s homecoming or were spat upon at the airport.

You are from the greatest generation or from a following one.

You fought against Hitler, Japan, Communist, Terrorist or boredom.

If you served honorable, you would have went where you were needed and performed your duties as given to you.

You may have not liked the assignment but you followed orders as directed.

I as a fellow VET want to thank you for your service and the sacrifices you endured while protecting this great country.

John Preston

USAF 1969-1973

Father WWII North Afica, Italy, France, Germany

Grandfather WWI  The War to End Wars

Distant Ancester  Revolutionary War died as a prisoner

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