I'm a Vietnam service vet having served in Thailand in 1969. As a way to thanks to a vet I decided to pass it on. I had two tickets to the movie Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks. I have already seen it and didn't want to go again. It's great, by the way. So this morning I spotted a couple heading into our local movie theater, approached, said hello, identified myself as a veteran and asked what movie they were planning to see. "Bridge of Spies" she said. I asked if either was a veteran. Turns out he's a Vietnam vet. I handed them the tickets and said: "Enjoy the movie." It felt good to share forward and to say thank you to another vet.

That was nice of you to do. And that it worked out well. I remember my husband back from service and he and I were walking to our friends house in snowy weather. It was a short walk over a bridge with a sidewalk..but as the snow piled up there was no longer a safe path separated from auto traffic. A man stopped because the man wanted to help out a vet. We took the safe ride up the street. Our friend was happy we arrived safe as when we started out it had not been snowing.
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