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Today I would like to thank all Veterans (Living and Deceased and their families) who have served both at Home and Overseas......How best to do this is perhaps to remember and honor those who I knew or know personally....WWII:  My cousin Jimmey (Army) from PA who is buried at Normandy; My late Brother-in-law Bill (Navy) who served on the USS Missouri and witnessed the signing of the Treaty; My late Uncle Frank (Army) who served as a Medic; My late husband's dear friend, John (Army) who was a surviver of 'The Battle of the Bulge"; My God-Father Richard (Army)who repaired US ships in Australia; My late Uncle Ed (Army Air Corps); A dear late family friend, Richard (Army) who served in Europe....Korea: My late Cousin Ernie (Army) who served as an MP in Europe; My cousin Carl (Army) Radio Operator who was fortunate to come home; My late cousin Bob (Army) who died of Lukemia many years later; My late husband's best friend Jeffrey; My late husband Ed (Army) and his buddies..all gone now.  Iraq:  The sons of several friends (Army and Marines) who were fortunate to make it home.....On the Home side:  My Dad Silvio who made the Navy gun sights during WWII...Even tho' not in the military, he did his part with pride. I thank all who came before us, WWI; WWII and all other who gave of their energy and lives so that we could have the Freedom to live as we wish and be safe to raise our families.....Jeanette Ferretti-Wojtas

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