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Dearest Mom and Dad:

Thank you for your service as U.S. Army veterans.  Your romantic story is also about a miracle: Me.  You met in the mess hall on a German Army base, post WWII.  Being shy and studious, Dad always had his nose in a book, yet Mom's humor won his attention.  As an Army nurse, Mom out-ranked Dad, while Dad was a Private, six years younger, and a former seminarian.  Officers were forbidden to eat with the enlisted.  However, Mom always was a "rabblerouser," and sat with Dad in the mess hall.    Post war period Germany is where you courted and married in Heidelberg.   Mom's  doctor informed you that she would never have children, since she had a partial hysterectomy, which today is basically the removal of one ovary.  She had always prayed for six children and was heart-broken.  Then a miracle happened:  On your European honeymoon, I was conceived in Italy, the home of Mom's ancestors, then I originated in Cleveland, Ohio, when you returned pregnant to the states.  You proceeded to have five more children.  


Thank you, Mom and Dad, for being Army vets, serving your country, and being in the right place at the right time.  As I write this tribute to you, I am in the right place at the right time.  My life is a miracel every day.


Thank you, AARP, for saluting veterans, including my parents.  



Rev. Maureen White, EdD, SPHR

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