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alwStewart VanVliet is my GG Grandfather who hasl  always been my role model through my life, and frankly I can not believe all that he did dedicating his life to our country and I wish I could have know him to thank him and learn from him but I want to take the time now to let him now how much he made a difference to outo gr country and to my life.  He started out as a farm boy in New York was ablecae to work hard to get into West Point.  He boecame very good friends with Sherman and Grant which remained for a lifetime.  When he graduated he was immediately sent to the desperate wars in Florida against the Seminole indians and was able tto o survive several hand to hand combats.  After those battles he was sent to help the country during many of the Mexican War battles.  He then helped establish forts out West to help with the country's expansion and participated in many piece negotiations alone, fearing for the lives of his soldiers.  During the Civil War he was reassigned to Washington to be the Quater Master General of the Army of the Potomac.  He performed such an awesome job of supplying all the needs of the country.  Thank you for letting me tell the story of the amazing life of Ster       

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