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  I was injuried at the on set of The Gulf War (1990). I have fought with The Veterans Adminastration for 25 years now and my claim is still not settled! I am still Proud to ba a Veteran!!! When I see other veterans at The American Legion hall, Disabled Veterans hall or at V A facilities I walk up with a smile, firm hand shake and Thank each One I meet! We are all brothers and sisters, we have been through similar situtations, just different times.  I have joined The American Legion Riders and am joining The Patroit Riders to serve my fallen brothers and sisters one last time. I only wish our Elected Officals had half the Heart that My Fellow Bothers and Sister show everyday! We are riding in Parades this Saturday, we will be smiling and waving on the outside.....Deep down we shed tears for the forgotten! On 11/11/2015 we will be at a ceramony for the latest fallen soldiers from our county here in Florida! Bless you All and The 2% that Protect our Country!!

I am in the exactly the same situation I had a duece snd a half truck dropped on me in 1989, in traction 8 weeks hsd to learn how to kinda walk again now stuck in a powerchair I had to pay for. I have found the V.A tooth and nail to no evel, even contact my congressman kevin bradey which was s total waste of time its funny yhe exeutives at the houston vs hospital lock you out do you can't talk to them. You go to cumsumeraffairs they send you back to prosthetic dept who tells you to file an appeal and the apeal goes to the same person that denided you in the first place not the regional office. Its the wolf guarding the hen house. My name is Richard Wilson verteran us army enabled mental physical disabled veteran. God bless america amd yhank you to all my brothers and sisters in arms. Please stay safe and keep your head down!!!

Hello Richard,

First and foremost; Thank you for your service. I'm sorry to hear that you were injured while on duty.

My name is Merlinda Prejean and I just posted a notice on AARP's website about veterans benefits. I am an accredited agent for the Department of Veteran Affairs since 2013. I work out of Louisiana but can assist nationally. You can verify this at the website, and search under claims agent in Louisiana. Anyway, I was curious to see if you had gotten your assistance yet.

It is a very complicated process but if you have all your correspondence and medical history, I may be able to help or find out why you are having such difficulty. 

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