Hello Community Members!


We’re proud to offer the AARP Online Community ACE program, which helps recognize your contributions to our community by using recognition from your peers as the key criteria!


Why did we create this program? Because YOU are the key to our community. You are what keeps it strong by being there for others, by providing short cuts that help many, by providing insights that help us think differently, by answering questions and providing tips. Sometimes you make a difference just by being you – helping us smile, laugh, and get through the day.


So, for doing the little things and for contributing in a big way, you deserve to be recognized by the people you serve, engage with, and support. That’s why we’ve designed the program to be primarily based on the kudos you receive from fellow community members.


To date, 24 individuals have already qualified as ACEs and we’d like you to be one too. Here’s how:


  • Upload your Profile Picture
  • Fill Out “Tell Us About Yourself” section
  • Share Your “Areas of Knowledge”
  • Receive 25 Kudos* a rolling six month period or since program launch (12/13/19)
  • Be in good standing without Community Violations for at least 30 days

*excluding on Politics, Current Events forum posts


It’s easy to get started by expanding the information about yourself in your newly enhanced "My Profile." You’ll also see a progress bar so you can see how close you are to becoming an ACE.


Profile Page 1.JPG


Once you become an ACE you will notice the ACE icon on your profile picture and the language / bar will change at the bottom of your profile.


Profile Page 2.JPG


Others will be able to see when you have become an ACE too, via the icon and viewing your profile.


Profile Page 3.JPG


Get started today and join the ranks of other ACEs who help keep our Community strong! 


For any questions or if you need help completing requirements, simply reply to this post or send us a private message! 



who won the step up to the plate submission?  Please reply, Thank you 

BeLinda Rehn


@AARPRachelA Hi I was wondering how one goes about using "Tags" and how one gets a "Solutions"

Hi @OscarE1968!


Tags are a grouping tool (just like hashtags). They are used to improve search results, and you add them to a post so that when folks are searching for content the link will appear in their search (for example - on the fitness Friday posts I've created, I tag them with "exercise").


An accepted solution is user-defined. If you ask a question in the community, and someone answers it in a way you find acceptable, you can mark the response as an accepted solution. This is used mostly in our Health Tips and Caregiving Tips forums.


I hope that answers your questions. If you have any others, please let me know!



@AARPRachelA thank you for the information. Greatly appreciated. 

Guess I'm just a darned grumpy old man, but we call for more open & easy dialog between members, so what do your brilliant college-boys do but re-design things to close it up even tighter and make posting even more difficult. This will be the last post you will ever see from me, and it ain't because I'm getting ready to pass on, it's because I've had enough of AARP's Rube Goldberg solutions to damned-near everything !  "They rub & scrub to stop my pen, but screw 'em all-the **bleep**-house phantom strikes again! Say Bah!

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To our Online Community Members,

We wanted to let you know that our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service have been updated. The changes are intended to foster more civil discussions in AARP’s online communities. The issues discussed in these communities – including healthcare, retirement and politics – are serious and stir up strong emotions. We should have spirited debates about all of them, but those debates should always be respectful, on topic and fact based. We will be applying these standards in our online communities as we work together, with all of you, to address the challenges that face older Americans. Thank you.

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