Most users in an online community get along very well. Sometimes, however, you might encounter someone you consider a nuisance. If you are receiving private messages that you'd prefer not to receive, you can add the sender to your Ignored Users list. The system blocks all private messages from users on your Ignored Users list.


To add someone to your Ignored Users list:

  1. Sign in to the community.
  2. Click the message count or envelope icon to go to your Private Messages Inbox.
  3. Click a message from the user you want to ignore and click Ignore user name.

To remove someone from your Ignored Users list:

  1. Sign in to the community.
  2. Click Ignored Users to see the list.
  3. Click Remove from Ignored list to begin receiving messages from this user again.

You can learn more by visiting our Community Help  area.


Please note that you can’t block posts from users in our forums. All posts are public and viewable by all.  However, we’ve received several suggestions from users like you on how to deal with those you would like to ignore.



  • @angeleyes64 just reads and goes on.  It’s hard to take being criticized, but it happens and when it does, @angeleyes64 reads and moves on.


  • @Epster has created spam filters in their personal email account to delete certain types of messages including their screen names.  This automatically removes the communication without @Epster ever seeing those messages.  Bliss, I tell ya; bliss. 


Do you have additional suggestions to add?  Feel free to share them by commenting on this article. 



@candacepc263387  Sorry...I believe you have the wrong person in the comment under my sign on.  I did comment but not that comment. Thanks!

@candacepc263387 I agree with @Butterfly565  you've given credit to wrong contributor, if not mistaken it was @Epster that posted that info in thread about blocking folks. 

Anyway thanks for your post about how do this as several requested Info on how.

Enjoy your day !  : ) 

So hey, I don't know if @Butterfly565 posted my exact words on this subject or not, however that looks like an edited down version of my post on the subject. Not that it matters, except in the correct information department. Just sayin.



Epster, yes, that was your post.  Just the other day I made a post to that point. I believe I had commented on that but did not post that.  I don't understand all the confusion and to be honest with you I don't like being used for someone else's post either.

@Butterfly565 and @Epster , I am terribly sorry for the confusion.  You are both correct, I should have cited @Epster


I will remedy the issue immediately.

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