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"Young Hyacinth" on PBS

I was surprised & hopeful, to see a "Young Hyacinth" prequel to the very popular series, "Keeping Up Appearances" advertised on one of my PBS channels last night! It imagines what the 4 Walton sisters - Hyacinth, Daisy, Rose & Violet - were like 40 years earlier as young women .. resulting in the pompous & pretentious Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced "Bouquet") we all know & love (played by wonderful Dame Patricia Rutledge).


That said, it turned out to be quick 1/2 hour, broadcast in snippets, over the course of that station's fund drive! The prequel was developed by Roy Clarke, who wrote the original series .. which ended in 1995 . In the prequel, Hyacinth works as a domestic servant, giving her a window into the lives of the wealthy .. which she tries desperately to create for herself later on.


I was surprised by the casting of the well-known Mark Addy as "Daddy" - who was already an alcoholic & "ladies' man" way back - considering that Mark is a large guy, and the "Daddy" of "KUA" seems to be a shrunken little war veteran. I didn't think that Rose & Daisy had any of the physical characteristics they had in "KUA" either.


Still, I would have liked to have seen this done for a whole season, rather than a 1/2 hour special, to flesh out the characters better!



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@ASTRAEA, @catwoman500  Never heard of this either.  I recently switched over to streaming tv and now I pay monthly for PBS.  Unable to get the live channel.  However there is "passport" access to a ton of older series which is quite nice.  Streaming tv is costing about half of my previous uverse bundle.  The equipment kept braking & I spent hours on the phone with them, so much so that I became angry & cut the cord w/o much preplanning.

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@ASTRAEA, I had never even heard of this one. N.

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