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"Endeavour" - Season 5 on PBS

Season 5 "Endeavour" premiers Sunday, 6/24, on (some) PBS channels!


I enjoy this prequel to the Inspector Morse/Inspector Lewis series, and am always sorry when one season ends, and we have to wait months for the next season to be broadcast in the U.S.!

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I love this guy and I love this show. I missed some episodes a while back and PBS will not show older episodes, so where can I go to watch season 1-4 for free?

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This Masterpiece series hasn't garnered much discussion here .. and the 6-episode season finale is this week! Fortunately for those of us who love "Endeavour", there will be a season 6 in 2019! Despite the closing of their police station, and favorite characters being reassigned elsewhere, the increasingly troubled DI Thursday will still be part of season 6. For those of you fans of "Game of Thrones", DI Thursday is played by Roger Allam. News about Endeavour season 6


Next week "Sherlock" season 4 takes "Endeavour's" place on Masterpiece Theater, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. 😞 my LEAST FAVORITE interpretation of the great detective.

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Not sure why I never watched this before...maybe scheduling conflicts, but I caught the last 4 episodes of this season and will be watching for it next year! N.

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@ASTRAEA - I'm glad to hear there will be a Season 6 for Endeavour. It's one of the best crime dramas on tv, and I like the characters, also. 


Sherlock, Season 4 has already aired on my PBS station. Season 4 goes even darker and the plots are more complicated, or maybe weird is a better word. The mystery did keep us hanging on to the end. It wasn't at all what I expected, but then this version of Sherlock has always depended on its shock value.

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Likewise! It's a really good mystery show. I like the actors, as well.

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