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Vikings - Season 5, Part 2

The 2nd half of season 5 started on the History Channel this week .. are you still watching the series? I appreciated that there was one episode in which Torvi recapped the life of Bjorn, for his son .. good reminders for all of us!

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I was totally unaware and missed the premiere of season 5, part 2 Woman Sad , but thanks to On Demand, I am almost caught up.  Woman Very Happy

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@ASTRAEA  I am completely lost on Vikings!  I realy loved the first 3 seasons.  Still trying to keep up with The Last Kingdom on DVDs.

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@LaDolceVita - I'll try to give you a synopsis on Vikings:


  • Ivar the Boneless & Harald Finehair attacked Kattegat with a huge army, and Lagertha, Bjorn Ironside & Ubbe (Aslaug & Ragnar's eldest son) had to escape. Hvitserk fought with his brother Ivar, Bishop Heahmund with Lagertha & Bjorn. Duke Rollo supported Ivar's side (at a distance), but then offered sanctuary & land in Normandy to Lagertha, Bjorn, Ubbe, Torvi & Heamund. Torvi was originally married to Bjorn, but he lost interest, and now she's with Ubbe. Ubbe's wife Margrethe became mentally ill, and was left behind in Kattegat. Rollo told Bjorn that he was in love with Lagertha early on, and is sure that Bjorn's his son .. not Ragnar's. They decline Rollo's offer & go with Bishop Heahmund to Wessex.
  • The Viking "refugees" are now at the mercy of young King Afred of Wessex, who talks Ubbe & Torvi into converting to Christianity. The King assumed Heahmund was killed, and has replaced him as Bishop, so Heahmund kills his successor .. saying he was part of a plot to overthrow Alfred. It's dangerous for Heahmund & Lagertha, who are having an affair, since they have enemies at court. Harold Finehair & another Viking who'd settled in England are now marching against Wessex. 
  • Prince Aethelred (the older brother) is part of the plot to overthrow King Alfred, but in the end can't go thru with it. Alfred has Ubbe train him for battle; he marries Elsewith (niece of Queen Judith .. so Alfred's 1st cousin) .. who manages to have a fling with Bjorn in secret.
  • Back in Kattegat, Ivar is enjoying being King (i.e. like Caligula). He marries Freydis, a pretty & very ambitious girl, who knows just how to manipulate him. Knowing he needs an heir, and has a reputation for being impotent, she gets pregnant by another guy .. whom she then has killed. She convinces Ivar he's a God, and that his physical problems were a test by the Gods & to show him as "special." Ivar has the crazy Margrethe killed, because she was the first girl he tried to have sex with & couldn't .. so she knows the truth about his abilities.
  • Ivar decides to have a human sacrifice to celebrate his takeover of Kattegat, and you think it's going to be brother Hvitserk because he also knows Ivar's limitations & their "honeymoon" is over. Instead, it turns out to be a shieldmaiden who can pass for Lagerthe in the darkness. He has her strung up by her legs & killed .. and has a few others dragged away for insisting it's not Lagerthe. 

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