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Re: VIKINGS - Season 5 on History Channel

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@LaDolceVita - I still like the show, but like you, I miss a few of the early main characters, especially Ragnar and King Eckbert of Wessex (Linus Roache), and Rollo (Clive Standen). When you think about it, they've had some excellent bigger-name talent on the show .. Gabriel Byrne & Jessalyn Gilsig, Donal Logue.


I do think the story lines may be getting "spread thin" too much, as there are things going on in totally different geographic areas, with subsets of the cast .. Bjorn & co. off raiding in the Mediterranean, Ivar & his supporters battling in Wessex again, and Lagertha in Kattegat in tenuous alliance with Ubbe (Ragnar's oldest son with Aslaug), warned that Ivar is planning an invasion & coupe, and hoping Bjorn Ironside will return in time to help her.


I've missed episodes too; I have no idea when Lagertha's shield maiden pupil & "companion," Astrid, married King Harald Finehair. But it may just have been a ruse, because in the latest episode, she really put her own life on the line, trying to get a warning to Lagertha, that Ivar & Harald would attack in 2 moons' time!

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Re: VIKINGS - Season 5 on History Channel

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@ASTRAEA  Between all the episodes I missed because of DVR trouble  I am pretty lost on Vikings now.  Do you find the show continues to be as good as it was the first few seasons?  I missed Ragnar last season  after his gruesome death and Lagertha has really changed since the early days.

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VIKINGS - Season 5 on History Channel

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Only when channel-surfing last night, did I come across a special & panel discussion with the "Vikings" cast, that was a lead-in to the Season 5 2-hr premier which followe. That special had Ivar the Boneless asking the Seer to tell him about Lagertha, and her relationships with all the others, which made for an excellent recap of the entire series. Ivar is Lagertha's sworn enemy, because she killed his mother, Aslaug. Whenever Ivar mentioned Lagertha's violence, the Seer told him that everything she did was for love, whereas everything Ivar did was out of anger.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Henry VIII on "The Tudors") joins the cast as Heahmund, a "warrior bishop" in Wessex.

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