Trick My Truck is short of seasons on Amazon

Trick my Truck was a good auto mechanics type of TV show but focuses on customizing trucks.  And yes it's the one that are about the guys who transport our goods all over the country.  The first 3 seasons had what is called the Chrome Shop Mafia.  I think they throw in some silliness as a way to make the show sell.  I like some of the trucks they do which are driven by veterans that has spent their time fighting for our country.  Two of them features the customizing the shift lever since most of the trucks that are in that show have manual transmissions with somewhere between 10 to 20 speeds.  I think some people really wanted to see more scenes of how they repair the engine which is the main part of the truck that controls everything in the cab.  Due to that the program is limited to 20 or 30 minutes, they can't show everything that they do in working on the trucks.  I am glad that in the 3rd season, they really focused on the trucks of the 1960s and 1970s.  One was a B-61 Mack and another was an International Transtar 4070B.  Amazon only has seasons 3 thru 5 that are available.  Seasons 4 and 5 I think are worked by a crew from Oklahoma Custom trucks.  If I was to vote on all the seasons of that show, I would pick seasons 1 thru 3.  That is because you see a lot more of focusing on the truck's main components such as the clearance lights, engine, and the shift lever.  Amazon really should allow the 1st and 2nd season to be available to everybody.  

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