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Going to YouTube to avoid sexually explicit TV shows

YouTube may also have sexually explicit material but some channels on YouTube contain vintage episodes of good ole TV shows from the past like some selections like a few clips of Hee Haw, The Waltons, Leave it to Beaver.  Hollywood most of the time has gotten to be nothing but trash.  Too much sex on TV.  And what makes things even worse is that the main network channels will even lie aboiut how bad the shows are by rating the shows wrong.  They air a show with sex in it and they rate it TV-14 when they know it should be rated TV-MA.  Parents Television Council looks out for what is on TV and sometimes they will expose the corporations that are funding these shows.  How It's Made is big time evidence that you can have clean television in these modern times.  My father likes that show and he is also a big football fan.  I like watching How It's Made and The Joy of Music Television network.  With YouTube, you even have the chance of flagging a video you don't feel comfortalbe with.  I have spotted a few videos where some fellows has uncovered some airline secrets and these days with so much terrorist activity appearing on the news, I feel a little weary about someone exposing top secret airline stuff and displaying it in public.  So those videos I flag.

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Agree with your sentiments. DW and I believe that 99% of American TV is trash. Sex, violence, silly plot lines, reliance on special effects rather than good dialog and characters.


Thing is, you have plenty of options for streaming TV, or, in our case, we are watching, almost exclusively, TV/films from the library or through Netflix dvd rental. I don't know if you have a library system in your area where DVD's are readily available. We have a multi-library system where we can rent dvd's from 8 different libraries and get them delivered locally. There are endless choices of foreign films (we're partial to Brit films), foreign language films, independent films, art house films, etc.


There is a whole world of really good film and TV out there. Just say no to (American) network TV. Added bonus: no advertisements. We already hit the mute button when ads come on (with the few network shows we look at), but still have to watch the silliness.

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