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Re: Favorite TV Actor

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IMO, quality in tv and movies is not what it used to be. 


Modern day - I like Tea Leoni and Tim Daly on Madam Secretary. In fact, the show has an excellent cast up and down the line.


Past  - James Garner was great!! Maverick, Rockford Files, and a long list of movies and tv mini-series. RIP.

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Re: Favorite TV Actor

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@elainet255150  good topic!


lots  starting with David Duchovny   love him!!! in X Files





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Re: Favorite TV Actor

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Ray Wise.  I think that he is the coolest looking Baby Boomer.  And, I seem to like almost every TV show and movie he's been in.  That may be a reflection of his good taste in scripts. 

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Re: Favorite TV Actor

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I don't know if this is about a past or present favorite, but I have one that fits in both categories.  I loved Scott Bakula in his old series of "Quantum Leap" and just as much in his new series "NCIS New Orleans".  I love the way both series have included his musical talents in some episodes.

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Re: Favorite TV Actor

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GREAT topic! Mine would be Johnny Crawford! Love the show Rifle Man (watch every Saturday AM on AMC) and appreciate Johnny's acting, and singing.



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Favorite TV Actor

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