American Idol maximum age limit does need to be elevated for people our age

American Idol still hasn't come clean on it's rules.  It still has an upper age limit of 28.  We think that is just plain stupid and the creator of the show knows it.  If American Idol wants to know why are they loosing viewers, well it's just plain simple.  I know each producer has a meeting.  Now I know they had to have a meeting about raising the age limit for Season four.  If I knew back then where should I write, I would have written them after season 2, and requested them to give the maximum age limit a mighty boost.  And if they would have acted in my favor, the maximum age limit would NOT be 28.  It would be 99.  And it is the main reason why I quit watching American Idol and switched to America's Got Talent.

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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