American Idol is guilty of age discrimination

If American Idol was nicknamed as "American Stupid" I would laugh.  Because the creator chose to be stupid by imposing the disgusting age limit of 24 and only raised it to 28.  They did a good job by making a fool out of themselves by not allowing much good singers to audition onto the show.  The government says that they don't have the authority to tell Idol what to do.  But the management at American Idol has proven that they can't be trusted.  So now, I wrote Joe Biden and told him that I want American Idol to toss his upper age limit out with the trash.  He saw my suggestion and thought that it was a good idea.  If he takes my word for it, Idol's Season 20 will be the first to go without an upper age limit at all and that will for sure open the auditions to people our age.  


Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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