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Rose Bowl Football Game

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I've been watching on/off the annual college football 'bowl' games over the past week or so. Most have either been very boring or 'blowouts' except for one.

Last night's Rose Bowl football game with USC vs Penn State was one of the most thrilling games I've seen in a long time.It went back and forth with both teams leading at some point.USC was ahead at halftime,in the 2nd half,Penn State on their  1st four possessions scored touchdowns. They were leading USC by touchdown in the 4th quarter 49- 42,with about 2 min to go. USC tied the game,thought for sure the game would of gone into OT. Penn St made 2 stupid mistakes,pass interference penalities,with 20 secs to go USC won the game on field goal. The final score was 52-49,the highest points ever for this 'bowl' game.

I don't need to watch next week's 'championship' game,I saw it last night. Sue

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