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Paddle Board with motors

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Hello all,


I've recently retired and have enjoyed paddle sports for years.  Since we've moved to South West Florida I've noticed in summer a scary trend of storms that kick up during the rainy season in the late afternoon.


These storms can be quite frightening and having gotten caught in one I can tell you it is causing me to re-think how I spend my time outdoors now that I"m retired. I have to head in much earlier than I normally would to beat these storms


I can across this article on Skiff Life that showcased a series of motorized paddle boards that allow you to attach a small motor to the back.  It seems ingenious and I was wondering if anybody has tried one of these nifty watercraft?  Is it stable?  Do they move along at a decent clip to outrun storms?  Here is the link to the paddleboard article:




Here is the link

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