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No World Series Chatter?

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Been away for awhile, thought I'd check in and see what baseball fans are talking about. All I found was an endless stream of the same old stuff. Y'all know what I mean.


Being a Cubs fan, I'm amazed see them a step away from the NLCS after such a pitiful first half. And Cleveland - god love 'em! They're down right now, but far from being out. I hope the tribe can pull this off. At this point in the playoffs, it's still possible that both teams will repeat in the World Series. If that ain't something to ponder, I don't know what is.


Houston and LA are the favorites, and it's no surprise they're both in the LCS. Personally, I think those two would make for a rather ho-hum World Series, but I'll admit to bias here. I guess 40+ years of rooting for da Cubbies has turned me into an underdog-sympathizer. I make no apologies.



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