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Re: Little League Baseball World Series starts today

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Thanks for the heads up, doglover52

I just love Little League Baseball and am also a real fan of fast pitch soft ball.

Around here, I am involved in a younger group 7-8 year olds - spring, fall and traveling summer leagues.  I try to make as many games as possible but when I cannot, there is an app called     Game Changer      where you can get a live stream - no pictures but a play by play and a field depiction where players are identified.  Course this has to be inputted by a person at the game.  However, we have a great group of parents that really pitch in - this helps grandparents, aunts uncles, friends, etc. that cannot go to the game to still experience the thrill of it all.  


During the summer, one of the parents got an announcer with the Braves to do the announcing for the team and then all the players got to pick their at-bat song.  So more parental help in keeping all of this going - I will say that it created a great team spirit.


Fall ball is just now beginning an I am looking forward to some cooler temps but the kids don't seem to mind it even with all of the protective stuff they have to wear nowadays.


Again, thanks for the heads up on the beginning of the Little League World Series.

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Valued Social Butterfly

Little League Baseball World Series starts today

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For the past couple yrs,I've been watching the annual Little League Baseball World series tournament from Williamsport,Pa on ESPN/ESPN2/ABC. The opening rounds start today,the players are ages 11-13 from the U.S.and other foreign countries: Korea,Japan,Mexico, Australia.

Its great fun to watch these kids who are so happy to be there, have family members in the stands cheering them on,coaches encouraging/motivating them in a postive way.  They get so excited when their team has advanced,heartbreaking to watch when a team is eliminated. The 'big leagues' could learn a lesson or two about sportsmanship by watching these kids.

The tournament runs from Aug 17th-27th Sue

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