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Re: Baseball Fans.

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I have 3 grandsons who are really into playing baseball. All are on at least one home team and a travel team (really hard on the parents and I help out when I can). Its a great sport for those that are not aggressive enough, or don't have the desire, or don't have the parents that will allow their children to play aggressive contact sports. My issue is that the typical schedule, particularly during the summer months, is not very friendly to younger children. the future of baseball is in our youth. Hoping for better discounts for the young, as well as better schedules for their viewing, and revisions to the game to make it more watchable on TV. Baseball is great at the ballpark, but loses so much on the screen. What can be done? Make eliminate some waste time, for one thing. Other things? I don't know, but if it doesn't change soon I feel it will be too late t save the game.

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Baseball Fans.

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Are there any on here. If so your thoughts on the season.  Surprises? Disappointments? Playoff Predictions ?

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