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Re: TRANSATLANTIC CRUISE from Europe to Florida

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I am already booked on the cruise leaving from Barcelona. Too bad you didnt post earlier. Perhaps we can get to meet either in Barcelona or aboard ship. I live in SE FL



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TRANSATLANTIC CRUISE from Europe to Florida

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Hello people who like to cruise.  I love to cruise and have about 35 to 40 cruises in my past including three Transatlantic cruises.  I would love to take another but I paid double price on the last two (2012 and 2014)  and I refuse to do that again.  I am a 65-year old female and since the cabin would have two twin beds, whether you are male or female is not important to me.  Either way our relationship would be platonic.  I am used to sleeping with lots of strangers in one room as I have travelled using hostels in about 80 countries to date (the most recent trip was January of 2017 to Cuba for 30 days) and the most beds in one room was in Trondheim, Norway in 2012 (50 beds in one gigantic room at the university there).  The cruise I am looking at is on a Norwegian cruise ship  leaving Barcelona on November 5, 2017 and getting to Cape Canaveral on the 18th for $599 plus taxes and fees per person double occupancy for an inside cabin.  There is also a ship leaving Rome's port (Civiteveccia) on November 5 and getting to Miami's port on the 20th for  $549, etc.   If I am going to do this, I would fly one-way to Europe (Norwegian Airlines has good one-way prices) about a month before the cruise to hostel around France, Italy, Spain, etc.  You would be welcome to join me for this IF YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT HOSTELLING IS.   Otherwise we could meet up in Barcelona or Rome a couple of  days prior to departure.  Once we are back in Florida, you would be responsible for getting yourself home to where you live (I live 40 miles north of Cape Canaveral).  Please e-mail me IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY WANTING TO DO THIS.   I have no time for "armchair travellers".  The cruise website is  and the airline website is  so you can check out the cruise if interested.  I would also consider other cruise lines if you have a particular favorite.  I have been on almost all of them over the years.  Hope to hear from you soon.   Arlene

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