Reviewing AARP hotels recommendations

I recently went on a trip to Kalamazoo and stayed at an AARP recommended hotel. I was not given an opportunity to review this hotel either with AARP or the hotel so I will do it here. It was a Red Roof Inn at Kalamazoo Expo. It was an awful experience. The room smelled of cigarette smoke in spite of it being a non-smoking room and was not very clean. The bed covers were severely stained. I’m not talking tiny stains. I’m talking several large stains on both beds. It was pretty disgusting. The cost for the room was $75 per night. We paid slightly more for that at an AirBnB prior to this and it was a private space with a living room, bedroom and bathroom, and beautifully decorated and CLEAN. Needless  to say, I will steer clear of Red Roof Inns and will check several reviews before considering another  “discounted” AARP recommendation.

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