More transit to churches in St. Louis but also to psychics

Major transit service changes in St. Louis means different things to many people.  For the first time in many years, South St. Louis County now sees an increase in transit service on Sundays.  That is good for those who do go to church and worship God.  But I am pretty annoyed that the psychic on Delmar will also be getting service as well.  I hope that this time this one doesn't make the same mistake that the "Miss Cleo" girl did by harassing people on the do not call list.  But St. Louis Metro is a public transit agency and eventhough they are forced to provide good service to Christians, but they are also forced to also provide service to psychics.  That is one thing that is so cool about public transit.  Is that they are open to everyone regardless of beliefs.  Ever since the "Miss Cleo" saga, I started calling psychics stupid.  And I know that's rude.  The reason why I don't believe in them is because they lie.  Not all of them.  

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